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black dinner suit

One of the most popular styles of black dinner suit is the single breasted version. This is the style that you see all over the black tie events, including black tie parties and weddings. This version is usually worn with a single, thin or flat lapel pin accented with a large, block shaped pin or a small oval pin. This version is best worn with a dark colored suit such as a black dinner jacket or a navy suit. If your suit is to be one of the more formal varieties then a shawl lapel pin will be better suited to your look.

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The classic black tie dinner jacket was originally worn by men for black tie events that involved a lot of fancy dining. This suit style made its way to the women in the 1920’s with the introduction of pinafore dresses and the rise of the New York social scene. In today’s society black tie is still worn but usually in a much less formal setting. Men and women can both wear this style, as women may choose to wear their pants suits tucked into their dresses or for men a black tie could be pulled over a button-front shirt.

If you are in need of a casual dinner jacket or if you simply prefer to wear something that is not as formal as a traditional black tie style, then you will want to check out the many options that you have for a silk cummerbund that you can wear as a replacement. Silk cummerbunds are worn by both men and women and are a great way to add some flare to any outfit. You will find that they are a very affordable option when compared to the other styles that you can find for a dinner suit, whether it is a black tie or a simple one piece. A silk cummerbund is also a perfect style to wear as a waist covering should you choose not to wear a full length dinner coat.