Killara Early Learning Child Care Centre – An Important Centre For Any Parent

childcare centre killara

The Killara Early Learning Childcare Centre is located in Killara, situated in the heart of India’s eastern plains. It is located on the outskirts of the holy Ganges River and it is a one-stop child care centre that offers a wide range of services to parents. A few minutes’ drive from New Delhi, it is only two kilometers away from the Indira Gandhi International Airport and this has made it a preferred destination by many parents. Besides, the centre is just a few minutes away from the bus stand that will take you to the national capital.


The childcare services offered here have been given the green signal by the Indian government and all the basic facilities like playground, library, science lab, library and reading sessions are available here. There are also various types of classes and skill training programs for kids ranging from kindergarten up to higher level. The centre offers special classes like Yoga for children, Art and Crafts for kids and Yoga for seniors. These classes are available for children of different age groups. There are also health care facilities here that include pediatric, gynecological, women’s health, men’s health and dental services.


There are also many services and amenities provided by this centre including housekeeping services, laundry, dining table, internet access and housekeeping service for elders. The Killara Early Learning Child Care Centre has a separate environment for training of toddlers and babies. This is because the age limit for training of newborns and babies is one-year-old while there is no age limit for training of toddlers and infants. This has made it an important centre for any parent who wants their kid to get trained well. This centre has also received positive response from various parents and many are planning to get their child enrolled here as soon as they get married.