Is SoftwareKeep a Microsoft Partner?

is softwarekeep a microsoft partner

SoftwareKeep, a Microsoft Certified Partner, sells Windows programs at discounted prices with Microsoft’s stamp of approval. As a Microsoft Certified Partner, SoftwareKeep guarantees quality and security. It also offers competitive prices and customer service. It provides all the essential software for businesses, including Microsoft Office and Internet security solutions. Find out –

Providing A High Level Of Customer Service And Satisfaction

SoftwareKeep offers an online platform that allows customers to purchase Microsoft software and digital licenses. Its service is endorsed by Microsoft, which has certified it since September 30, 2016. The company acts as a digital license seller and download manager for Microsoft products. Currently, SoftwareKeep sells Windows licenses as well as a variety of Microsoft apps.

SoftwareKeep is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, which means that it has earned the trust of Microsoft and has passed rigorous tests. These companies are typically connected to Microsoft through software development and data management. Microsoft gives these companies access to its software development technology and helps them develop their products. In return, Gold Certified Partners must use Microsoft products and services as their primary platforms. This allows them to become part of Microsoft in the event that they need to provide support or service.

Microsoft has many different technology partners, which provide Microsoft products and services. The Microsoft Certified Partner program started in 2000 and now has more than 90,000 companies. These partners are vital to the Microsoft ecosystem – 95 percent of the company’s commercial revenue comes from its partners.