Have Cars Available For Your Test – Details About Bankstown Driving School

The Bankstown Driving School is a well established driving school with over 35 years of experience for New York drivers. The school is situated at 123 Upper Mount Gravatt Street, Bankstown, New York. Phone: ( 02) 6391 2223.

How to know Details About Bankstown Driving School

bankstown driving school


The driving lessons at Bankstown Driving School are a combination of classroom and field instruction that will prepare you for the road. Our experienced and qualified driving instructors are continuously updated with the latest traffic laws and safety measures. This ensures that our instructors are well equipped to instruct their students about safe driving in Bankstown, New York. In addition to the classroom instruction, all new drivers will take an in-class assessment test after completing their driving school. Upon successful completion of this assessment test, you will be awarded your driver’s license.

All new driver lessons at Bankstown Driving School include both classroom instruction and field trips. You will drive a special course around the scenic streets of Bankstown, New York accompanied by your instructor who will demonstrate maneuvers and safely drive your car through traffic. You will also have the opportunity to visit some of the landmarks in downtown bankstown, which includes the Bankstown Courthouse and the Bankstown Hotel. Field trips allow you to go out on the streets and see what the area has to offer. Both of these trips are accompanied by a parking lot and free bus service to take you to your destination.