Will My SEO Law Firm Recruit Me Straight Out Of Law School?

If you are interested in a career in internet law, you will need a solid education, including a Bachelor’s degree, and experience working as a legal assistant in a legal firm. You may also be required to have experience in computer law, information technology, web development, ecommerce, or social media law. Once you have received an offer of employment at an online law firm, you should pursue the following steps to maximize your new opportunities: Set up an online legal portfolio. Your portfolio will serve as proof that you are serious about applying for jobs at the firm. If you have been out of the loop in terms of online law firms recruiting, now is the time to put everything you know to use!

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SEO Law is an extensive paid summer internship program targeting Native American, Black, and Hispanic incoming law school students nationwide. SEO Law gives you a solid foundation for your future legal career. You gain: A valuable paid summer internship at a top law firm that is recruiting. An opportunity to network with top industry professionals who will help you build your career.


The SEO Prep Courses I have attended has helped me gain my confidence going forward. Now that I have experienced what they can offer me I look forward to applying to a number of top rated online positions. As an online law school student, I am excited about the prospects available to me. I will definitely continue to work with my SEO Law internship and create additional connections in this industry. My dream of working at the forefront of internet law will come true!

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