Asphalt Repairs

There are many factors involved in the cost of asphalt repairs; this includes asphalt repair pricing, asphalt repair time, and environmental considerations. Asphalt prices can vary dramatically depending on a number of factors. Factors that directly affect asphalt prices include quality of the asphalt, the traffic volume in the area where the asphalt repair is needed, asphalt repair equipment costs, asphalt repair material costs, and asphalt repair shop costs. The asphalt repair prices can vary significantly from one location to the next depending on the total pavement weight, local road and weather conditions, and local pavement design specifications. These factors can greatly impact the cost of asphalt repairs.

asphalt repairs

Asphalt Repairs

If the asphalt repair will be needed in less than ideal conditions, such as low-sloping, wet or storm damaged driveways, sidewalks, and ramps; the total cost of repair may be greater than the average asphalt repair cost. The most common cost estimate for asphalt repairs are for the total project cost including labor and material costs. In addition to the cost of labor and material, pavement repairs may include periodic grading fees. This can be a factor if the contractor will be installing asphalt pavers and adding a hot-fill concrete slab to an existing pavement. Other additional fees may include asphalt repair materials, asphalt repair, and emergency services such as towing, flat tire replacement, flash Flood lights and other emergency lighting, signal flashing, and extra paving.

Some asphalt repairs can be small and do not require any special equipment or expertise. These repairs can range from repairing damaged asphalt surfaces to adding a hot-fill concrete slab to an existing pavement. A majority of asphalt repairs done to roads, driveways, walkways, curbs, and parking lots are done to pavement designs that are more than ten years old. In some cases, asphalt surfaces may need to be resurfaced due to age or external conditions. Regardless of what type of repair is needed, the average cost of asphalt repairs does not change much from average to long-term.

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