Ankle Knee Foot Orthosis

knee ankle foot orthosis

Knee ankle and foot orthotics are devices that are used to treat and prevent conditions of the knee. The purpose of this research was to test the effect of a forward controlled stance on the kinemics and joint position of a patient with acute poliomyelitis as compared to a knee extensor only foot orthotic. The study found that in this situation, the patient’s gait was more delayed in time as being the force applied through the quadriceps and hamstrings. Further clinical assessment showed that there were no significant differences in functional independence of the subjects between the conditions. Although both conditions were treated using the same orthotic, still significant differences were seen and it was concluded that in such a situation, orthotics other than knee ankle foot orthosis may be required for the patient.

Here’s A Quick Way To Solve A Problem With Ankle Knee Foot Orthosis

In knee joints like the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) or the medial collateral ligament (MCL), where there is considerable instability, bracing is needed to counter the forces acting on the body structure. Initial orthoses used were percutaneous bracing but later studies showed that it does not provide better results than the bracing technique that uses metallic rods. The latest paradigm in orthopedic bracing is powered stance control knee ankle foot orthosis which involves a machine that generates a force field along the surface of the foot and applies it to the body structure. This force is used to counter act the forces acting on the body structures and help restore their proper positions.

In our study, there were four subjects who completed the study; two of them had severe ACL knee ankle orthosis while the third had mild ACL. In the latter condition, the subject was unable to walk without experiencing pain or instability. The results showed that in this subject, the generation of the foot propulsive force was within the normal range, but the instability was severe. It therefore suggested that the use of athletic braces for these patients could help restore their normal walking posture. Another interesting thing to note is that the study also showed that one out of four subjects (ninth grade football players) experienced severe stability problems after the application of athletic braces. This was surprising since football players have high body fat percentage and huge ligaments.