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Unlimited Ride Passes

You can enjoy unlimited rides on all CTA buses and trains with our 1-Day, 3-day, 7-day or 30-day unlimited-ride passes. Your pass activates the first time you use it and is good for the full length of time from that moment.

Passes are loaded onto your Ventra Card or personal, contactless bankcard at Ventra Vending Machines or over the counter at hundreds of Ventra retailers around town.

Note: CTA unlimited-ride passes are not valid on other agencies' services unless otherwise specified.

Your Best Travel Value: Unlimited-ride passes offer you the most economical travel value. With unlimited rides, the more you ride, the more you save!

  • 1-Day CTA Pass for $5
  • 3-Day CTA Pass for $15
  • 7-Day CTA Pass for $20
  • 7-Day CTA/Pace Pass* for $25
  • 30-Day CTA/Pace Pass* for $75

*7-Day CTA/Pace Pass and the 30-Day CTA/Pace Pass are valid on both CTA and Pace non-premium/non-subscription routes.

A 30-Day CTA/Pace Reduced Fare Pass is also available for people who qualify for reduced fare with RTA-issued Reduced Fare Ventra Cards (RTA permits).

Buying passes

You can load passes multiple ways:

  • You can load any pass onto a Ventra Card at every Ventra Vending Machine, online, by phone, or right over the counter at hundreds of retail locations around town.
  • You can load any pass onto a personal, contactless bankcard at every Ventra Vending Machine and load passes.
  • If you don't have either, you can buy a new Ventra Card from vending machines and start off with a pass, online or any of hundreds of Ventra Retailers. New Ventra Cards cost $5, but this value is immediately refunded to your Transit Account if you register within 90 days (you can even do it on the spot at a station using the mobile-friendly ventrachicago.com). The refunded $5 in value can be applied toward the purchase of a pass at vending machines, online, or by phone.
  • You can also buy disposable, 1-Day Ventra Tickets for 24-hours of unlimited riding (like the regular 1-Day Pass), from any Ventra Vending Machine. Vending machines at O'Hare and Midway also vend a 3-Day (72-hour) version.


Get your Ventra Card today and load passes at any Ventra Vending Machine, Ventra Retailer or at http://ventrachicago.com.