Safety & Security

Customer safety and security is always the #1 priority for the CTA. 

Below is essential information for traveling safely on our bus and rail systems and what to do in the event of an emergency: 

If you see something, say something.

As a customer, we ask you to be a vigilant rider: If you see something, say something. If you observe an unattended package, witness anything unusual or see someone acting suspiciously, alert a CTA employee or call 911 immediately.


As the nation’s second largest transit system, we continually look for new ways to educate and inform riders to ensure that everyone has a safe, comfortable travel experience on buses and trains.

It's Not Worth Your Life. Stay off the tracks.

Our safety awareness campaign, It’s Not Worth Your Life. Stay off the tracks. reminds ‘L’ riders about the dangers of trespassing on CTA railroad tracks. 

You can live without it for a few minutes. If you drop your phone, inform a CTA employee who can get it for you.

Here are some of the key tips:

  • Stay off CTA tracks: There are moving trains as fast as 55 m.p.h. (and approach more quickly than you may realize) and 600-volt electrified rails.
  • Stand well clear of the platform edge (and blue platform edging) until your train has come to a complete stop in the station.
  • The platform is not a playground: Please don't goof around, you could end up on the tracks.
  • If you drop something, DON'T try to retrieve it yourself. An employee can help by holding trains and retrieving your phone or other items for you.

Here is the full collection of posters as part of this campaign:


Travel Smart

CTA campaign creative: Can you see what's around you?

Our Now you see it. Now you don't. campaign provides some valuable tips for traveling smart, regardless of whether you're traveling on a CTA bus or train or in any other public setting:

  • Pay attention to your surroundings (.pdf).
    • Do not sleep on the bus or train, or become too engrossed in a book/mobile device (.pdf).
    • Keep personal audio devices/headphones at a low volume at all times.
  • Be wary of noisy passengers arguing or causing a commotion. This could be staged to distract you.
  • Protect your personal belongings by keeping them concealed in a zippered/buttoned bag and in your possession (.pdf).
  • Hide wallets and other valuables in your front pockets (.pdf).


If It’s Unwanted, It’s Harassment.

Anti-harassment Campaign

We’re putting would-be offenders on alert that harassment is not tolerated on the CTA. Everyone deserves the right to a safe and comfortable travel environment and experience.

Building on a previous public service campaign, we’ve expanded and updated our Anti-Harassment Awareness campaign. It’s important for everyone riding one of our buses or trains to know that we take harassment seriously – one incident is one too many. (Learn more about this campaign)


Previous safety & security campaigns


Emergency Evacuation Procedures

In the unlikely event that you would need to evacuate from a train, familiarize yourself with the CTA Trains Emergency and Evacuation Instructions brochure. Knowing what you’re to do ahead of time can help ensure your safety.

Evacuation Brochure

PDF CTA Trains Emergency and Evacuation Instructions (.pdf)


Instructions for people with disabilities

Disability Evacuation Brochure
PDF Emergency and Evacuation Procedures for CTA Rail Customers with Disabilities (.pdf) (text version)

Evacuation video

We've also prepared a video about train evacuation procedures:


or, download the video: Emergency Preparedness video - (30MB QuickTime file)


Escalator & Elevator Safety Tips

In addition to buses and trains, safety on the CTA also includes escalators and elevators. You can read a few basic safety tips to keep in mind when riding an escalator or elevator here:

System Safety & Security Tips

Help the CTA make your ride a safe one. Take a moment to read the CTA’s Security Tips brochure. This brochure was recently updated to include more information about harassment and other prohibited activities on the CTA.

Safety Tips

PDF Security Tips Brochure (.pdf) 

Additional information regarding CTA’s ongoing and collaborative efforts with the Chicago Police Department (CPD) and other local law enforcement agencies to combat crimes committed on or near CTA properties is outlined on our dedicated Security webpage.