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Spans of service below show when first bus departs terminal of origin through last bus departs terminal of origin. First and last buses reach mid-route stops later than these times-see schedule or use trip planner for specific times when service works for you.

103rd/Stony Island north to 47th/Dan Ryan (Red) (accessible)
4:00a-12:05a weekdays, 4:30a-12:10a Saturday, 4:40a-12:10a Sunday
47th/Dan Ryan (Red) (accessible) south to 103rd/Stony Island
4:50a-1:00a weekdays, 5:20a-1:00a Saturday, 5:25a-1:00a Sunday

(Precise hours of service may vary depending on where along the route you are.)

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New Schedules in Effect
Service Change

Effective Sunday, Jan 8, updated schedules will go into effect on some CTA bus routes. See latest schedules at transitchicago.com.

Temporary Bus Stop Changes
Bus Stop Note

NB #6, #15, #28 bus stops are temporarily discontinued at Stony/60th, Stony/61st, Stony/63rd, and Stony/65th. Temp stop mid-block between 64th and 63rd.

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Route Map