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01.02.06 - 20.02.06 sumugan sivanesan + stephanie carrick + cat hope

21.02.06 - 24.03.06 katie hepworth + miriam mlecek + bianca calandra

13.03.06 - 07.04.06 jocelyn moen

14.03.06 - 28.03.06 brian degger

26.03.06 - 17.04.06 elle radin

10.04.06 - 26.04.06 alex needs

13.04.06 - 04.05.06 chris bennie


29.04.06 - 7pm Finissage

13.04.06 - 7pm Open Studio

A presentation of works in progress by Alex Needs and Chris Bennie.

21.04.06 - 7pm Open Studio

A presentation of works in progress by Elle Radin.

06.04.06 - 8pm Performance by Jocelyn Moen at Support von Dota im Kato U1 Schlesisches Tor

04.04.06 - evening Singing workshop with Jocelyn Moen

For more information please contact Katie Hepworth 0151 1112 7081

02.04.06 - 9pm Performance by Jocelyn Moen at Kauf Bar

Gärtnerstr 4 zw. Warshauerstr and Ostkreuz

31.03.06 + 01.04.06 - 11pm Performance by Jocelyn Moen at Zebrano Theatre

als Latenightshow nach Martin Betz - Kabarittist. Sonntagstr. 8 Ostkreuz. 5 Euro

24.03.06 - 7pm Open Studio

A presentation of works in progress by Katie Hepworth, Bianca Calandra, Brian Degger and Miriam Mlecek.

In addition, Jocelyn Moen will be performing a number of her songs during the course of the evening.

06.03.06 - 7pm Artist talks

A discussion of the work of the Australian collective

"The 'We are all Boat People' campaign is concerned in the broadest sense with the mental health of Australia. In our analysis, what we are facing is not so much a refugee problem as a crisis of xenophobia, a terrible and contagious national sickness. The border panic policies of our government are clearly designed to spread fear and hatred, disseminated through brilliant manipulation of the unspeakable psychoses of an occupying nation secretly uncertain of its own legitimacy...

The 'We are all Boat People' campaign uses this multi-function website as our primary organising tool, and we also make embodied, realtime media spectacles to contest the idea of 'otherness', the demonisation, of people seeking refuge here. On this website you can find an activist toolkit and many other goodies to download and spread the idea. We have received nearly 3,000 visits a month this year, and the Boat People image/text has spread to every city, and many regional centres. 'We are all Boat People' offline events have occurred to date in Sydney, Adelaide and Perth, and received mainstream and indymedia attention, though we would like to increase this significantly. Stay tuned. Or better still, tune in and join us. "

18.02.06 - 8pm launch party

Suffering new-media withdrawal after Transmediale? Come celebrate the launch of the Transit Lounge + meet the current artists-in-residence, Sumugan Sivanesan, Cat Hope + Stephanie Carrick.

13.02.06 - 8pm Artist talks

Our current artists in residence, Cat Hope, Sumugan Sivanesan and Stephanie Carrick will discuss the works their works in process.

27.01.06 - 8pm video screening

Running parallel to the transit lounge residencies will be a series of screenings showcasing the latest in Australian new-media art. Beginning this series is a compilation from the Electrofringe conference 2005.

Electrofringe is a hands-on, all-in new media arts festival dedicated to unearthing emergent forms, highlighting nascent trends and encouraging young and developing artists to explore technology and its creative possibilities. Electrofringe takes every year in September / October as part of the "This Is Not Art Festival" in Newcastle , Australia . For more information about Electrofringe visit